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Selfiejobs: refreshing the job hunting for talents

Selfiejobs: refreshing the job hunting for talents
Elia Mörling

Elia Mörling

SelfieJobs are using Svava to develop together with their users

«SelfieJobs is especially relevant when style and personality is important in addtion to the raw CV. We summarize the CV in oneliners about experience and education. We add pictures and videos to give personality and match with openings nearby. Think about salespeople, waitress, trainees, callcentre, interns, receptionists and many many more. If you are in a hurry browse jobs and hit like to send your application. Chat when match.» - Martin Tall

Could you describe your product/initiative in a few words?

SelfieJobs makes jobsearch deadsimple yet still relevant by cutting away crap.

Which stakeholders are you targeting to deliver the product/initiative?

20 something youths and companies employing them.

What is the status of your product/iniative progress right now?

Beta going for real now!

What are your main strengths to achieve your goals?

Execution, right location , luck with timing , team.

What are your main weaknesses and how could or can IDEA HUNT help you to overcome them?

Growth hacking is important yet we dont now.

What are your next steps for the success of the initiative?

Massive sales !

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