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Promoting a Slack Bot

Promoting a Slack Bot
Maggie Franz

Maggie Franz

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How to convince the doubtful

Alex Kistenev of Sprinterbot.com recently authored A Complete Guide for Promoting a Slack Bot. Svava Founder and CEO, Elia Morling had the opportunity to speak with Alex about the guide and slack bots. It was an enlightening conversation and we are delighted to bring you some of the highlights.

Slack bots have been discussed quite a bit recently due to the rise in use of the popular communication tool, Slack, both among companies (for internal communication) and communities (for external communication and amplification). As with any new growth hack or automation, there are your early adopters and those reticent to accept a new technology without watching to see how it plays out. Alex’s Complete Guide for Promoting a Slack Bot is essential for explaining the benefits of a slack bot to the latter.

So What’s in the Guide?

We could say “everything.” But we’ll break it down for you. In the guide, Alex provides insight into Sprinterbot.com’s challenges and successes at promoting slack bots, quotes from experts, additional links and resources, and from all of these, he has outlined five steps for promoting slack bots.

The Steps:

  1. Communication – it’s hard for people to understand what you’re doing and why you are doing it if you are not clearly communicating with them. Alex advises readers to be sure to speak to their community, at length if necessary, and even utilize influencers in the community to truly understand the collective. In order to market to them you must really know them. If you don’t know and understand your community – and you try to use a slack bot to market or communicate with them, Alex tells us, it’s not going to work. The other side of that coin, is to communicate the use of the bot. And that brings us into the second step.
  2. Create Value – Alex advises readers of the guide, not to develop and deploy in a rush to start using your bot. Instead he advises us to be proactive in communicating the value that our Slack bot is providing to the community. It’s never a fun experience when you’re engaging with what you think is a person only to find out that it’s a bot. You can avoid this negative experience if you communicate and explain everything, most importantly the value of the bot
  3. Gain Traction – Here readers get a great tip! Add your website to startup catalogs, this will help people to find you and the content that you are producing about your bot. From CrunchBase to StartUpLabs, Alex provides a list of the top catalogs in the guide so that you can get a jump start on this important step. Adding your site to these blogs will help you in reaching your potential users. Remember, that writing your content is only half of the battle. You need to invest time in sharing your content across different channels and resources to get it in front of the eyes of your target audience.
  4. Prepare for Launch – Whether it’s ProductHunt, which Alex lists in his comprehensive guide to promoting bots, or Svava, which we’ve interjected here, you need to prepare your launch. Using trusted and frequented sites with an engaged community like ProductHunt or Svava is a great way toward gaining traction, because if you’re developing and deploying a Slack Bot, they’re where your target audience lives. If you don’t believe him, Alex will show you the stats to back it up.
  5. Get on the List – and here it is, the article’s piece de resistance, or crowing bit of advice. Alex urges you to strive to be added to the Slack Directory. Being vetted by Slack and added to their directory will go a long way towards proving yourself and your bot to your target audience. It’s like Slack’s stamp of approval. Wouldn’t you want the very platform on which your bot is designed to work, to give you their seal of approval? Of course you would!

As we said at the start of this post, these are just the highlights from Alex’s A Complete Guide for Promoting a Slack Bot so we urge you to click through to the original article to get all of this and so much more straight from the horse’s mouth

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