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Pokemon Go! Or Get Left Behind

Pokemon Go! Or Get Left Behind
Maggie Franz

Maggie Franz

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A Lesson in Adaptive Marketing

For a business to maintain success, their strategies, plans, and procedures must be flexible, able to change and adapt co capitalize on current trends, in order to avoid being left behind. The popular and fun new mobile application, the game that is taking the internet and the physical world by storm, _Pokemon Go! _is providing a window into many businesses; showing the world who has learned this lesson in adaptive marketing and is able to catch onto current trends.

This mobile app blended with augmented reality is a beautiful success story of a company, Nintendo, on the verge of being left behind, adapting it’s strategy and both rekindling the love of past users and reaching almost an entire new generation of users. In fact, they’re so successful at adaptive marketing that they’re forcing other businesses to embrace _Pokemon Go! _or get left behind.

OK, maybe not all businesses who don’t somehow capitalize on a pithy slogan about the game or offer a discount to players won’t go out of business. But those who do are catching a competitive edge and riding the wave of the addicting apps’s success.

When the game first launched, no one was prepared for the overnight success and the ensuing surge of players that would hit the streets hunting for mythical creatures. Some stores that contained a pokestop for a rare pokemon were inundated and began to put up signs saying that “Pokemon are for paying customers only”.

But soon, those businesses that had learned this lesson in adaptive marketing, saw the developing trend and started to embrace players. Bars began offering Pokemon themed shots, stores were using the game and data usage to sell more smartphones, and others began offering discounts to teams of players that were popular in their area.

It truly is a wave of success, though. Those who first adapt to a popular trend will ride the wave from the very beginning, gaining the most momentum. Those who catch the wave as it crests will gain a level of success. And those who catch it just too late will get a moderate bump in business. When it comes to spotting trends, you have to be ready to adapt in order to truly benefit.

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