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Podcast: Online workshops and meetings

Podcast: Online workshops and meetings
Elia Mörling

Elia Mörling

Photo by Jonas Jaani/Håkan Dennersten

In today’s business environment a lot of meetings are held online (read: digital, online). In this pod (in Swedish) Svava’s Lotta Strand speaks with Jonas Jaani, digitalisation guru, about online workshops. Not presentation or decision meetings, but creative collaboration.

How to do we ideate, cluster ideas, vote for the top ideas? How do we create engagement, without everyone sitting around the same table? How do we gather the outcome to take it to the next phase, without spending unnecessary time transcribing and documenting? Skype, Zoom or Teams? Well, they don’t really have the right tools. Well, they don’t really have the right tools.

There are great ways of collaborating in a democratic (and anonymus if you so prefer) way to gather and work on ideas – to get the most out of the team or organisation. When a lot of people meet offline only a few speak up. The same is true for traditional Skype meetings. The new digital tools offer new ways of sharing ones thoughts and views. Through writing, forms and voting a new, more open reflection of the collective opinion comes forward. By using Svava you can “Generate ideas > Cluster > Vote > Rank > Done!” and before you even leave the meeting - the result is presented digitally, redo to be exported and taken to the next phase.

Lotta’s tips:

  • Use your favourite tools; doodles, post-its, trigger cards, Lego or clay for the flow of creativity, but then go digital and use the effectivity embedded in digital tools for voting, documentation and easy access. 
  • Are everyone equally remote? Or do you have one part of the team in the same place and some remote - this demands more from the facilitator.
  • Plan and mix in casual chats, icebreakers and unstructured dialogue.
  • Be brave and try new things, there are plenty of exciting tools out there! 

TO THE PODCAST (in Swedish): https://www.effekten.se/online-mote-och-workshop/

Target group:
 everyone, office folk, it people, citizens, government, businesses
You will learn: remote work, remote communication, digital work, online meetings, digital collaboration.

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