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One Great Platform, Many Use Cases

One Great Platform, Many Use Cases
Maggie Franz

Maggie Franz

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The many ways to benefit from the innovation and ideation platform.

You might think you know Idea hunt, that it’s an epic innovation platform and a great tool for those who want to drive open innovation and ideation, but there is so much more than meets the eye. Svava is chalked full of different use cases, making us an important tool for many different markets and types of companies. From our free public platform, to our customizable and branded customer sites, Svava is a lot of things to a lot of different people.

Svava Use Cases

Innovation Platform- why most people know and love us. Svava is perfect for gathering new ideas for products, services, to solve marketing challenges and overcome obstacles. Svava offers a full spectrum of functionality with our innovation platform and is a cost effective solution over bulkier and more expensive innovation software tools.


Testing Products - People say that the only way to improve upon a product is to test it, and then gather feedback. Svava allows companies to connect with their customers and community to gather their feedback after using the product or service. By giving the campaign admins the ability to link directly to a product or service, Svava seamlessly connects users with the product or service being tested. The simple idea submission process allows for ease of use and timely responses.


Design Competition Platform - Instead of trying to use multiple platforms and different tools to host a design competition, Svava provides an easy to moderate platform that is just as easy for users to design and submit their entries. The platform allows users to easily upload photos and video as part of the idea creation process.


User Generated Content Collection - User generated content is the gem in your marketing crown. These delicious, authentic endorsements of your products and services are worth more than any form of advertising that you can purchase. By enabling you to create a campaign with a unique URL, Svava empowers you to share the initiative to collect this user generated content across multiple communication channels, and funnel all submissions through one easy to use platform. Once users submit their ideas, they are able to see and comment on others, helping you build a community.


Community Building and Engagement - The Svava platform is an easy to use, simple to navigate tool that your entire community will love. Bring everyone together with a fun and engaging tool that provides your community with a direct line of communication to the active listeners in your organization, while enabling your members to also connect with and provide feedback to each other.


Business idea Competition - Whether its a venture capital competition, startup incubator or other form of competition where people compete to come up with new ideas for businesses, products and services, Svava is the perfect platform. Easily coordinate the competition, limit the people or organizations who can open while keeping the voting and feedback open to the community and clearly establish the prizes to be awarded on Svava.

Venture Cup

Research - Are you looking for an easy yet effective way to gain market research? Are you trying to determine whether there is a need for your product or idea? Or are you curious to learn what kind of behaviors people have when they interact with a particular product, service or problem? Ask the community with Svava’s easy to use platform.

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