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Now Ideas Can Have Multiple Creators!

Now Ideas Can Have Multiple Creators!
Maggie Franz

Maggie Franz

Inspiration Doesn’t Always Strike a Single Person,

So we’ve added the ability to add co-creators to Ideas on Svava

Our developers are busy behind the scenes, working to bring users like you additional functionality. We are happy to announce the release of one of these new features, the ability to add co-authors to your ideas when submitting them to Idea hunts.

We recognize that not all ideas are created in a vacuum, or created alone. Often they are created in tandem or in concert with other innovators and creative thinkers. When this is the case, these co-creators should all be able to receive recognition for and retain ownership of that idea rather than just one of their group.

On Svava, now they can! Log into Svava, select a hunt, and click “Add New Idea”. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and you’ll see the newly added option to add co-creators to this idea. Simply add their email.

If they are an Svava Member, they’ll receive an email informing them of your desire to add them as a co-creator and have the option to accept or decline.

If they are not yet an Svava Member, they will receive an email explaining Svava and that you would like to add them as a co-creator for your idea. They have the option then to join Svava or not.

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