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New Meeting Template Release: Brainstorming Pro

New Meeting Template Release: Brainstorming Pro
Maggie Franz

Maggie Franz

New Meeting Template Release: Brainstorming Pro

Collect, Cluster and Collaborate on Ideas with the Brainstorming Pro Meeting Template!

Svava has recently launched the Premium Template for Brainstorm Workshops.  This template takes the power of the free brainstorming template, and powers it up with the addition of clustering ideas, collecting ideas for multiple questions, and voting.  Now you can get even better results by subscribing the Premium Brainstorming Pro Meeting Template in the app.

The Anticipation is Over: Clustering Is Here!

One of the most exciting updates to the Svava Meeting App is the ability to cluster or build groups of similar ideas.  This feature not only cuts down on the sheer number of ideas, but gives credit to all of the idea authors who submitted their ideas.  

Clustering can also help power up ideas.  By grouping ideas that fall under a similar goal, you can take one idea and 10x it.  Idea authors are also grouped together by this clustering feature, inspiring them to collaborate to collectively achieve their goals.

Create Custom Questions

Questions prime the pump when it comes to brainstorming workshops.  In the Svava Brainstorming Pro template, you can create your own custom questions to help inspire your workshop participants. From “how might we…” questions to just about anything you need to ask, you can up to four customized questions. 


After the ideas are clustered together, the facilitator will move through the workshop presentation to the voting round. Each participant in the workshop is allotted a number of votes. The participants will be asked to assign these votes to the ideas which they think will have the greatest impact.  More than one idea can be assigned to a single idea. The number of votes for each participant is represented by a series of dots. The dots disappear as the votes are cast, while the number of overall votes remaining is displayed on the shared presentation screen.

Log in or sign up for the Meeting App to start the Brainstorming Pro Meeting! Or read more here.

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