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Meet Maggie our new Community Manager!

Meet Maggie our new Community Manager!
Elia Mörling

Elia Mörling

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We are really happy to welcome Maggie as our new full-time community manager. The community is dear to us, and Maggie will help us take the community to the next level. We’re really excited to see how we can continue to develop the community together.

Warm welcome Maggie! Please share about your background and who you are.

Currently I live outside of Pittsburgh, in western Pennsylvania, where I have had the pleasure to grow up. Pennsylvania has great mountain biking and skiing which are two passions of mine. I also love to write, to knit and make things by hand. I have my yoga teaching certification and have worked as a ski instructor and field hockey coach outside of my work in marketing. I share my life with a wonderful man and together we have an American Black Labrador named Murphy who is about 90 pounds and full of energy!

_My degree and background is in Marketing. I graduated from a small private university in Pittsburgh called Duquesne University. From there I’ve had the pleasure of serving in a number of different roles in marketing agencies and departments for companies of different types. It’s exciting to have been able to cut my teeth on the rise of social media marketing and content marketing. I am looking forward to bringing what I’ve learned to the role of Community Manager. _

How did you stumble upon Svava?

I can’t remember if I contacted Svava or Svava reached out to me, but we discovered each other on Twitter. I joined as a founding member and Idea Hunter because I thought the platform and the idea behind it was so cool. Participating in hunts and chatting with the team on social led to a job offer and the rest is history!

What makes you the most excited about Svava?

Speaking with Svava, there was one phrase that hit me. Everyone says that money makes the world spin, but Svava believes that money actually follows ideas. Pretty awesome right? Svava has created a marketplace of ideas, where we can come together from different countries and backgrounds to share ideas and help build each other up. I think it’s fantastic.

What do you like the best about the Svava community?

It’s such a creative and positive place! I’ve had the chance to connect with a number of different people on all kinds of hunts and everyone is engaged and enthusiastic. It is very exciting to be apart of hunts and see thoughts grow from a seedling into a fully fledged business model or venture.

What is community management by definition?

I’m a bit old school and my idea of community is service. Community management is about serving the community as a facilitator. I have the opportunity to bring like-minded people together to grow and uplift an exciting community. What a dream job!

Why is community management so important?

The Svava community is global, and we want to reach an even larger number of people. Without a community manager, without a facilitator, our community might fall out of touch, questions might go unanswered, epic people might not be reached. In order to grow and maintain a community there needs to be someone who can respond to and meet the needs of that community.

What is the #1 reason most companies fail to build a strong community?

**In my opinion, the number one reason that companies fail to build a strong community is that they assume the community is there for them, or that the focus is on them rather than on the community. The company is there to serve the needs of the community and provide them with what they need to connect, grow and thrive together. **

That is what makes Svava so great. Our community is about the hunters and the companies that are featured on the platform, rather than the platform itself. The very premise of Svava is to meet an identified need and uplift a community of like-minded people.

What do you hope to accomplish for the Svava community?

This is a tough question. There are so many things that I want to accomplish for the Svava community because it such a positive and powerful place - even if it is virtual. I guess you could say that it all rolls up into service. I want to serve the community in a capacity that enables them to do more, to become more and to learn more. I firmly believe that we always students, that we are never done learning. If I can facilitate the growth and development of the individuals within our community then I have done my job.

What will be your first steps as a community manager for Svava?

My first steps as a community manager for Svava will be to get to know the founding members and their ideas. I have the privilege and honor of attending The Next Web conference with Svava at the end of this month as well as the opportunity to travel from my home town to Sweden to meet the team in person. From there I am sure that all kinds of ideas and projects are going to shake out and I am just open and excited about all of them.

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