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Lift the Ban on Personal Devices

Lift the Ban on Personal Devices
Maggie Franz

Maggie Franz

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And increase participant engagement in meetings at the same time

For years, traditional meeting formats and facilitators have placed a ban on bringing personal cell phones, tablets, and laptops into sessions.  These devices presented the potential for distractions, both on a personal and group level.

Times have changed, and with Svava, so have meetings.  

We not only want you to lift the ban on personal devices in meetings, but encourage their use, to boost participation and engagement.  How?

Svava has digitized the traditional meetings and workshops.  As the presenter, through the use of professionally designed templates and a shared presentation screen, you will frame the goal of the meeting and lead participants through its various phases.  Participants will access the user portion of the workshop through the web browser on their personal devices, enabling them to submit responses, ideas, feedback and even vote at different points of the workshop.

Won’t people just stare at their phones? Won’t the peer to peer interaction be lost?

Not with our templates.  The professionally designed templates create the framework for the meeting.  Different templates include different types of activities, at different phases during the meeting.  Depending on your needs, and the template which you select, the workshop will prompt users to direct their attention to you, toward each other, etc.

While some participants will thrive in the group discussions and submitting ideas in front of the entire team, others are more quiet and reserved.  The digital framework gives everyone the ability to submit responses and feedback, to vote and be an integral part of event…no matter how loud or soft they might speak.

In short, the new SaaS does not replace human engagement in meetings, but amplifies it.  The tool enables discussions and empowers individuals, and elevates the facilitator’s ability to host a successful workshop.

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