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Lifee: A brand new style for kids

Lifee: A brand new style for kids
Elia Mörling

Elia Mörling

Lifee is a wristband for kids that motivates physical activity while being entertaining and easy to use. Wear Lifee and your everyday life becomes a game. - Patrik Jutterström

Could you describe your product/initiative in a few words?

An activity bracelet for kids which turns the whole world into a game!

Which stakeholders are you targeting to deliver the product/initiative?

Parents and kids (ages 6-12 years old). To reach them we are targeting different communities, reaching out to youth health clubs and such.

What is the status of your product/iniative progress right now?

We have our fourth functional prototype and are currently aiming towards an kickstarter this summer!

What are your main strengths to achieve your goals?

We have a great team with a broad range of abilities. We also have a product which is quite easy to understand for people.

What are your main weaknesses and how could or can IDEA HUNT help you to overcome them?

We are beginners in the field of growth hacking, we are bootstrapped and can’t afford a traditional marketing campaing while we need to reach thousands upon thousands of potential customers! We have been quite good at being visible, now we need to be a bit more strategic in our approach.

What are your next steps for the success of the initiative?

Idea hunt is one part, and we are currently strengthening our networking efforts. Becoming a part of the Epicenter (an Stockholm based startup-hub) Google for entrepreneurs growth platform will hopefully help aswell. We need to create a viable and more strategic plan for going forward with our market presence!

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