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Level Up with Svava

Level Up with Svava
Maggie Franz

Maggie Franz

Winning Idea - The Buddy System via Jaswinder Brar

We did it! Thanks to everyone who submitted their ideas on how to take The Next Web conference in Europe to the next level, Svava has done it! We had loads of great ideas that were submitted and even more great feedback to come up with the winning idea for The Next Web’s hunt. Congratulations to our winning idea by Jaswinder Brar, the Buddy System.

This idea sought to take the wonderful opportunity that there is for networking at The Next Web and make it more personal. There are so many people to meet at this two day event, that it makes it almost impossible to get to know everyone you’d like to meet. The Buddy System would assign ticket holders a buddy or a contact with whom they can get to know better. Jaswinder Brar has won a ticket to next year’s conference with this great idea! If you haven’t yet joined our awesome global community for the chance to connect with companies, professionals and for chances to win great prizes like this one, be sure to sign up today!

Founder and CEO Elia Morling, and Director of Community Growth, Maggie Franz had an epic time at The Next Web Europe. Not only was it full of over 10,000 of the world’s technology leaders, venture capitalists and press, but the attendees were so great to get to know. Everyone had great ideas. It was such a pleasure to chat with them and hear their stories, as well as discuss how Svava and it’s many different use cases could help them. Svava attended in concert with Business Sweden, whose mission is to help Swedish companies like Svava break into new markets. Amsterdam was incredible. We were able to connect with so many great companies and people thanks to the help and support of Business Sweden.

Throughout the time that we were in Amsterdam for the conference, Svava had the opportunity to pitch at a number of different places as well as speak to various media outlets. It was a very fun and fruitful conference for everyone. We met new users, created hunts for new companies and found new ways to use the platform to help solve even more challenges! We’re sure that we are not alone in saying that we cannot wait for next year’s conference.

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