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Lean Philosophy with Fredrik Fjellstedt

Lean Philosophy with Fredrik Fjellstedt
Maggie Franz

Maggie Franz

What is Lean Philosophy

An Interview with Fredrik Fjellstedt

A corporate growth philosophy once again beginning to evolve around the concept of “lean”, characterized by lean.org as “masximizing customer value while minimizing waste”. It sounds simple right? We caught up with lean philosophy expert Fredrik Fjellstedt to talk about his take on Lean Philosophy and his tips for becoming successful with the lean philosophy.

After working for over 10 years in Toyota’s Material Handling Europe Division, Fredrik Fjellstedt became the first team member outside of the Company’s Japanese headquarters to become a Master Trainer in their lean method for continuous improvement.

The philosophy of making continuous improvements with the goal of increasing customer value, that seems like something that everyone can implement, what makes it difficult? Why do some who try to implement this philosophy fail?

Why do some fail to implement a lean philosophy?

To answer this question, Fredrik explained to us that some corporations fall into a cycle of making changes for the sake of making changes, that these changes don’t necessarily bring improvement or value to the customer.

This common reason for the failure to implement a corporate lean philosophy sounds like an easy snag to get caught on. So we asked Fredrik what he suggests to avoid it.

Embrace Open Innovation

Open Innovation is sure to produce a number of ideas that can be explored, and evaluated. The larger the number of ideas a company produces, the greater chances they will develop ideas that turn into successful improvement changes and bring the company closer to their goal of providing additional value to the customer.

After the ideation phase of an open innovation project, Fredrik suggests the following five steps to successfully implementing a lean philosophy, to select and implement those ideas that provide additional value to your customers.

5 Steps to Successfully Implement a Lean Philosophy

  1. Ensuring that the corporation is ready to improve - sometimes management or certain groups within the organization can be hesitant to embrace change.
  2. Clearly define success so that you can evaluate every idea against whether it brings you closer to that definition.
  3. Gather the sum total of ideas to evaluate
  4. Evaluate the ideas according to their impact, cost and risk
  5. Implement the ideas, involving the customer as much as possible.

Want to learn more? Click here to get Fredrik Fjellstedt’s White Paper on Lean.

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