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K-Type Keyboard on Svava

K-Type Keyboard on Svava
Maggie Franz

Maggie Franz

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Hunt Coach: Andrew Lekashman of Input Club

We’ve been talking a lot about how Svava, as an innovation platform, is great for collecting feedback and generating new marketing ideas, but many companies are using Svava to source their next new product or product feature. In this blog post, we’re recapping the hunt by Input Club for their innovative new keyboard, the K-Type. Input Club used Svava to source the next new functionality for their already highly innovative keyboard. Check out the recap of their hunt below.

What is the K-Type Keyboard?

This isn’t just another keyboard. The K-Type is a solid mechanical keyboard, made by Input Club. The case of the keyboard is made from aluminum and it contains RGB backlighting that can be customized for each user. In fact, every key is programable, making this the most versatile keyboard yet. With a product this unique, this versatile, and this already this highly functional, you might be thinking…

Why Create an Svava?

With all of the functionality and features packed into this keyboard, one might think it was ready to go to market. Input Club wasn’t done, though. They believed that there was still room for more. Being such an innovative and forward-thinking company, Input Club was already thinking about their users. They wanted to connect with the people who would be purchasing and using the keyboard every day to weigh in and provide feedback. Svava is made for this.

The Hunt

While their Kickstarter was in full swing, Input Club launched an Svava asking “What awesome feature should we add to the K-Type Keyboard?” Input Club shared the hunt with their backers on the crowdsourcing platform and we shared it with our community. With both of our communities combined, a grand total of 90 ideas were submitted and 284 people participated in this hunt. That’s 284 people submitting ideas and providing feedback to help curate and refine those ideas.

Andrew Lekashman of Input Club, coach for this Svava told us “The Svava was absolutely helpful, it gave us insight into some changes that we wanted to make to our upcoming product, the K-Type Keyboard.”

We wanted to know just how much Andrew and his team enjoyed their Svava, so we asked him if he would recommend the platform to others. He responded, “I would wholeheartedly endorse Svava for anyone looking to create a product based on community input.”

The Winners

The first place winning idea goes to Vali P who suggested adding an acrylic base layer. You can view the winning idea here.

Second place was awarded to Xu Kai Teo for the idea of adding Hotswapable switches without the need for soldering. Check out this winning idea here.

And the third winner, for their sheer enthusiasm, the number of comments and feedbacks was Akryl 9296!

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