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Join the Hunt

Join the Hunt
Maggie Franz

Maggie Franz

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Contribute your first idea

We’re thrilled to welcome you to Svava and wish you success on your first hunt! Campaigns or challenges on Svava are referred to as hunts, so we use a little bit of hunting jargon and have with it. If you’re new to Svava, log onto the platform and you’ll notice some of these hunts. They range from problems that need solved, to the call for new a new product or feature, all the way to ways to reach new customers. Each hunt is unique and needs your innovative and creative solutions.

Select Your Hunt

For your first hunt, we suggest that you select something that appeals to your interests or your experience. Click into the hunt and take a moment to read the creative brief. This is where the members, startups or companies asking for your ideas will describe the situation, the product or service and what they are looking for from our Idea Hunters. Here in the creative brief you will be able to check out whether the hunt offers a reward or prize for the best idea or ideas, see if the coach has attached any documentation to help provide additional information and you can even get in touch with the hunt admin to ask questions.

Survey the Hunt

Next, you’ll want to click over to the ideas screen and take some time exploring the ideas that have already been submitted by your fellow Idea Hunters. Click into them and read the full idea and maybe check out some of the feedback that has already been given to see how these ideas have evolved. You can vote for ideas that you think are really onto something, and then get ready to submit your own idea.

Take your Shot

Now it’s time to submit your vote and take your shot at winning the hunt! Each hunt has the option to offer a reward for the best idea or ideas. You’ll notice these in the creative brief. Click the blue button that says “Add Idea”. Give your idea a descriptive name or title, something that quickly convey what your idea is all about. Then click the option to add text or video. A window will open that allows you to connect to your social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, as well as upload items for your computer or give you the option to search the internet. Adding a visual element will help other hunters, and the hunt admin understand your idea at a quick glance from the list of all of the ideas. Then it’s time to really flesh your idea out. We provide a decent sized text box for you to go into further detail about your idea.

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