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Introducing Premium Workshop Templates

Introducing Premium Workshop Templates
Maggie Franz

Maggie Franz

Get Even Better Results with Tailored Premium Meeting Templates

You’ve digitized your brainstorming meetings and seen the impressive results.  Now imagine what you could do if you were able to access customized premium workshop templates for things like business model canvases and empathy maps!  

Svava is making this happen, one premium template at a time.  We’ve just launched the Ideation Workshop Template. This takes the powerful brainstorming template and ratchets it up three levels.  Now you can group like ideas together through clustering, improve upon ideas as the group reviews them, and vote for the best or most actionable ideas.

Specific Templates for Specified Results

By using templates designed for specific actions like SWOT analysis, you are able to digitize more processes within your business. Host these workshops in less time, and more often to better track and reach your goals.

More Templates to Come! 

Distribute Results

By using a digitized process, the results of your workshop will not only be clearer, but they’ll be easier to distribute throughout your organization. Easily get all of your team members on the same page, keep them updated and you’ll keep them engaged and working collaboratively towards common goals.   

Pick and Choose the Templates you Need, As you Need Them

Need just one of these powerful templates? Sure thing.  Maybe you need to create a mini process and purchase three templates.  Go for it. In the future we’ll be offering curated packs of these premium templates to cover various business processes like design thinking, and strategic planning.

Managing your subscriptions is easy via the Workshop App.  Change your preferences any time, based on your organizations ever flowing needs.

Sign into your account to view the templates and easily update your preferences.

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