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Innovation Myths Busted

Innovation Myths Busted
Maggie Franz

Maggie Franz

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Only Professionals Can Achieve Innovation

As a leader and pioneer in open innovation, we have come up a myth that we must break. It gives us heart that others in the industry are working to squash this myth as well. Through our work, building custom open innovation platforms that empower individual team members from new hires to seasoned veterans, and customers with backgrounds of all types, we know that there is no one singular skill that makes someone an innovator. Some how, as executives has set their organizations on the path to achieve innovation, they have lost their way. They have developed the idea that there exist, a select few capable of true innovation.

We’ve done some digging, and researched a good bit, and have found the Larry Keeley’s team says it best in their book Ten Types of Innovation:

“Innovation is a team sport, and it’s not the domain of the rare genius or the chosen few. Any one can (and should) learn to innovate, and with practice anyone can become better at innovating. Simply put, there is no longer an excuse not to innovate.”

Certain individuals have read about, learned about and experienced the talented that singular inventors have created, and misidentified their work as innovation. Yes, some gifted individuals have made great strides in changing our lives and moving our lives forward through their inventions. But the great majority of innovation comes directly from teams of hardworking individuals who put their minds and their experiences together to solve a challenge, identify an area for growth, and follow it up with a way make something sustainable and positive happen.

What does innovation look like in your organization? We bet it looks a whole lot like your team members, the people who work day in and day out with your products and services to meet the needs or your customers. We bet it looks like your customers, and the thoughts, feelings, and ideas that they have around what you currently offer, and what they you would do next. Innovation is not something that is achieved by an individual, alone in a room with a whiteboard. It’s a team of different people with a clear path and a solid work effort.

At Svava, we can’t wait to see what innovation looks like for your organization. We’re so excited to meet your team, your customers, and to design an affordable and customized solution that empowers them to achieve innovation faster and smarter.

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