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Innovation Comes in Many Forms

Innovation Comes in Many Forms
Maggie Franz

Maggie Franz

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And is influenced by many different factors

Innovation comes naturally in many different forms. Likewise, companies choose different forms in which to cultivate innovation in their company cultures. Some companies choose software specifically designed to capture innovation, collecting ideas and submitting them to the powers that be. Other companies choose to structure their company culture around curating innovation. And still, other companies opt for innovation platforms like Svava.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the various factors that you’ll need to take into consideration when choosing which innovation curation solution is right for your organization. You’ll never hear us say that any form of innovation curation is bad. You will hear us say that they are not all created equally and that some are better suited to specific types of organizations, their size, and their budget.

Factors that Impact Your Innovation Solution

There are quite a few large factors that are involved when selecting what format of innovation curation is the right fit for your organization. We’ve hit on a few of them already: the type of your organization, the size of your organization and your budget. Other factors include your goal as this determines who you plan on sourcing your innovation from, and how you’d like to manage your innovation.

Your Goal

Asking what your goal is might sound silly. Of course, the large or overall goal is to source and curate innovation… but what type of innovation are you looking for? Are you trying to develop new systems and processes internally? Are you looking to identify a new product or feature to add to an existing product? These two goals are very different. In the first goal, you’ll want to look internally and for the second goal, your customers, people external from your organization are the prime source for this innovation because they know and use the product in their daily lives.

Managing Your Innovation

Do you have one person or a team of experts that are going to manage all of the innovation ideas that will be submitted? For example, if you are looking internally for your innovation, will each of your teams be responsible for submitting ideas and will they submit them to their team leader to champion? Or, will you have one person in the company in charge of receiving, curating and championing these ideas? This drastically impacts the functionality that you need in your innovation curation solution.

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