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Ideas to Improve Customer Experiences

Ideas to Improve Customer Experiences

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How to offer better service to your customers with the use of Svava

How do you innovate exceptional customer experiences? The answer - by applying continuous optimization, the process of repetitive learning. It comes from tracking customer interactions. The goal is to continuously improve the predictive outcomes of future customer experiences. Below you will find a list of ideas to help improve customer experiences.

Keep Your Brand Promise

Consumers are more likely to share their experiences with a specific brand via word of mouth marketing. This leads to increased brand awareness, repeat customers, and brand loyalty. On the flipside, poor customer experiences shared can lead to a lower retention rate and ultimately a decline in profitability. Remember why you started your company in the first place and share your passion with your community.

Provide Solutions To Customer Complaints

Listen empathetically to your customers when they have complaints. Many don’t bother to make their point known when they are dissatisfied. But, when they do so publicly, it is in your best interest to respond. Provide two possible solutions to their complaint. By offering a choice to resolve the situation you are giving direct control of the outcome to your customer. This allows them to feel as though their concerns have been acknowledged and you are willing to work with them to improve their experiences. Happy customers become repeat customers and sometimes brand ambassadors.

Develop Customer Experience Personas

The results of developing customer personas will depend entirely on your company’s data-driven research. You are acquiring customer behavioral data, right? If not, how will you know who your customers are and the reasoning behind the decisions they make? Basing your personas on real people instead of making stereotypical assumptions will create a more accurate persona.

Determine Customer Expectations

The customer buys the outcome or desired value provided through the customer experience. An excellent way to gain better insight into what your ideal customer expects from your company is to ask them. Customer surveys can be easily created for offline and online marketing purposes. The questions you ask will vary depending on the type of business you operate. Keep in mind the end goal - obtaining information that will enable you to best serve your customers needs. If you are aware of customer expectations you can also begin to influence them and test those outcomes. Great businesses provide a somewhat frictionless customer experience.

Know Your Competitors

Know your business competitors or don’t bother to get to know them. It is a choice businesses make daily. By taking the time to research competitors you gain insights into what is working and not working for them. They may be lacking in a particular area of customer relations, which provides an opportunity for you to approach their customers in order to solve their customer pain points. Or, your competitors are moving the needle in an area your business could be improved. Getting to know competitors instead of guessing about how they operate is a good idea.

Experiences associated with your brand start when people become aware of your brand, not when they take action towards it. At that point, you have already either failed to provide an incredible first impression, or you nailed it! Either way, there is always room for improvement when it comes to customer experiences.

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