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Svava's Lotta Strand Attends Slush 2018

Svava's Lotta Strand Attends Slush 2018
Maggie Franz

Maggie Franz

Photo by Lotta during her time at Slush

The startup and tech incubation and acceleration event in Finland.

Recently Svava’s Co-founder and Growth Engineer, Lotta Strand, attended Slush 2018 in Helsinki, Finland.  It was a whirlwind of two days full events, breakouts, speakers and face to face meetings. From startups to tech powerhouses, Slush is packed with skill, creativity and the desire to learn even more.  Lotta says that her two days in Finland were energizing and full of new impressions.

The goal of Slush is “to help the next generation of world conquering companies”, and that’s one of the reasons we are so excited to have attended this event.  With our new features that drastically cut time and make meetings and workshops more efficient, we’re on a mission to change the way the world connects.

Lotta represented Svava as an attendee among startups, investors and journalists from over 130 countries. In all slush reports around 3,100 startups, 1,800 investors and 650 journalists attended this event. Slush was packed full of people, presenters, exhibitors and attendees, but Lotta was able to navigate the crowds and make it one impactful show for Svava.

Over the course of her two day attendance, Lotta books a total of 11 face to face meetings and had the chance to personally present our new feature, Workshops.  But the event wasn’t all meetings for her. Lotta did squeeze in some break out sessions, presentations and talks as well. Her favorite sessions were “Growth Hacking Power Session” and the “why Customer On-boarding is the Most Crucial Part of your Growth Strategy”. She also caught the closing presentation from Ebay.

We asked Lotta what her thoughts on the event were overall and she had this to say, “Slush was an experience. It was full of meeting new people and learning new things, and as a startup, it was a great place to be”.

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