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Svava, the Perfect Platform

Svava, the Perfect Platform
Maggie Franz

Maggie Franz

Photo by Dawid Zawiła

To Facilitate Your Design Competition

Over the past few weeks, we have been exploring the various use cases for Svava, to provide a better understanding of the versatility and ease of use for our innovation platform. So far, we have discussed the benefits of an innovation platform, and Svava’s platform as a product or application testing tool. In this post, we’d like to focus on the platform’s potential for harnessing visual content by focusing on its ability to facilitate design competitions.


Our Platform Makes it easy to submit photo and video. With Svava you can add multiple photos, or upload a video in every idea submitted. Easily search for your designs on your computer, a website or on social media profiles, and upload them to the platform. By making it easier for entries to be submitted to your design competition, you can encourage more people to participate.


The ability to add a text description of the design with the visuals provides the individual designers with an important opportunity to put their design in context which can help them garner more votes. Text allows designers to talk about their inspiration for their design, their reasoning for it or the story their design tells. It’s like having the ability to stand with the designer in front of their work and have them tell you the story of its creation.


Ideas can receive both votes, and feedback. Votes allow participants to quickly select the ideas or submissions which they like, but the feedback option enables them to really engage with the designer, to ask questions and receive answers that can help influence their votes. Votes determine the order in which the ideas are listed, but they can also be used as a criteria for winning the competition. Feedback is important, so much so that we’ve even had prizes awarded for the best feedback in a campaign. Combined, these two are even more powerful.


Clearly list the prizes and the criteria for winning selections at the creation of the design competition. By outlining the prizes or awards, along with what it takes to win them from the very start of the competition leaves no room for confusion at the culmination of the competition. Prizes make the contest exciting and add another layer of competition. By publishing these prizes at the start, you motivate people to participate in your competition, and create buzz about the competition in their circles.


Users can submit multiple entries on the Svava platform. The nature of design competitions jump starts the creativity of participants, meaning that often they have multiple viable entries. Take the stress out of choosing just one entry and make it more enjoyable for your participants by allowing them to submit multiple entries.


You decide the jury. The jury might decide who wins, but on this innovative platform, as the creator of the competition, you have the power to decide whether to leave it up to the public, or select the winner yourself. By having the flexibility to determine how the winners will be selected, you have even more control over your competition.

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