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Svava Set to Pitch at The Next Web in New York!

Svava Set to Pitch at The Next Web in New York!
Maggie Franz

Maggie Franz

Get Ready! Because We are Set and Ready to Go!

Today we are excited to announce that Svava is not only attending, but has also been selected to pitch at Momentum, The Next Web’s New York event next week. Operations Manager, Lotta Strand, and Director of Community Growth, Maggie Franz will be traveling to New York to represent Svava at this exciting event.

SCALE: The TNW Program for Startups

The SCALE program gives 60 startups a chance to meet and network with investors, tech specialists and industry leaders, 5,000 of them in fact and of these just 30 were selected to pitch their startup. These startups are selected based on their current funding, strategy and ability to grow. The process began with an application to the SCALE Program, which was then followed by a Skype Interview from which we were selected to participate. From that point, there was a further step that we could take to be potentially selected to pitch in front of these industry leaders and executives. It involved a voting process and juried selection. This morning Svava received word that we had been selected to pitch!

You can learn more about the selection process and program here.

The following is a quote from Agnese Bearesi, Startup Liaison for The Next Web

“When selecting startups for our SCALE program, we’re looking for some validation, we’re on the hunt for companies ready for capital, traction, and connections to make it to the next level. Not only does IdeaHunt check all theses boxes, they exceed them.

We had the pleasure to meet IdeaHunt at our conference in Amsterdam a few months ago, where they came as representatives of the very promising Swedish startup scene. Their presence at the conference has been quite remarkable and exemplary: very active on social media as well as in engaging with other attendees to make the best out of their attendance. In fact, it’s not just us recognizing the value IdeaHunt is creating and offering to the market. The team was chosen to present in front of some leading dutch corporates as part of TNW side events. All in all, we believe our crowd will find IdeaHunt a very valuable business to get in touch with and we’re sure TNW Momentum will boost IH opportunities to scale.”

We are very excited to be attending the event in New York City’s Brooklyn Borough, in just under a week. Lotta will be flying in from Sweden and Maggie will be arriving from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Svava’s US base of operations. We would love to meet the members of our Svava community who are in town during the week of the 15th, as we will be staying through the 22nd of November. We’d love to meet you for coffee or just to chat, so please get in touch with us before the conference to schedule something.

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