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Svava Launches New Community Project

Svava Launches New Community Project
Maggie Franz

Maggie Franz

Photo by Cynthia Magana

Designed and Built Entirely by Our Community

We have some very exciting news to share. We have launched a brand new project called Swap Ideas, that is being entirely designed and built by the Svava Community. Swap Ideas is a way for us to take the innovative Svava platform one step further and create an active idea exchange.

Swap Ideas

Swap Ideas will become the first active idea exchange where we form groups of individuals and startups with goals, challenges and business models. Similar to when a company launches an Svava campaign, they will receive a number of ideas, but unlike the original platform, these Ideas are guaranteed. Users can expect to receive a certain number of ideas based on the number of participants in their group because in joining this group, the individual or startup has pledged to submit one idea for every other participant.

How We are Doing it:

We are putting our own platform to work in order to drive the collection of the various elements and pieces of the project. Svava’s innovation platform is used by our members to submit their ideas, feedback and design elements. The beauty of the platform is that it brings our members together to collaborate and co-create some pretty awesome ideas that will drive the project.

What it Takes to Create a Community Project:

Svava is able to launch such a project because we have an incredible community. The Svava Community is made up of people from all around the globe that have a passion for creating, for thinking of new ideas, and through collaboration, building new projects. These individuals have a drive for innovation

The First Step:

The Svava team created a brief and launched the first campaign with the goal to create a minimum viable product (MVP). We came up with the general idea and then handed it over to the community to refine, change, and add to. The result has been an exciting flurry of activity. You can check out the first Svava Campaign for Swap Ideas Here.

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