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Svava is Launching an Ambassador Program

Svava is Launching an Ambassador Program
Maggie Franz

Maggie Franz

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At the Close of One Era, Another Begins

We want your help to craft it!

We’ve closed the books on one era and are eager to kick off the next. Now that Svava has been founded, and become firmly entrenched at the forefront of innovation, we have ended our Founding Member Program. You can find out more about the Founding Member program and the important work that our Idea Hunters accomplished to make Svava a success here. With the cessation of this program, we do not want to inhibit the ability of our Idea Hunters, our members from engaging and working with us. With our original Idea Hunters at our side, we are happy to announce the creation of the Svava Ambassador Program.

Working side by side with our members has gotten us to where we are now. Our members are extremely bright and creative people from all over the world with a passion for innovation. The Svava Ambassador Program will enable us to continue to work hand in hand with these members and offer them opportunities to take part in our growth.

We have a few ideas about what this ambassador program might look like, but because we are who we are, and we are asking the community to increase their engagement with us, we want the community to have a hand in crafting what that engagement will be. So we are creating an Svava to get your feedback. We want to hear what you think should be included in the program!

What we are looking for:

  • What you’ve liked in other ambassador programs
  • What you might have disliked
  • Innovative ideas about ambassador responsibilities
  • Creative ways ambassadors can get more involved with Svava
  • New functionality that Svava could offer ambassadors on the platform
  • And more!

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