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Svava for the Swedish Growth Hackers

Svava for the Swedish Growth Hackers

Swedish Growth Hackers Meetup

Our meetup, Swedish Growth Hackers, has been active for one year in the thriving tech city of Stockholm. If you don’t know about Stockholm, the elevator pitch is that it’s the home of Skype, Spotify, King (Candy Crush Saga) and Mojang (Minecraft). There are other unicorns like Klarna and Truecaller. This explanation gives a fair idea of what kind of environment we are talking about, the best growth hacking environment in Europe.

Our mission was to provide a platform for the growth hackers that are active in the city of Stockholm. We have been blessed with some great speakers and the events have been quite popular. However, we wanted more. The growth had been completely organic. We were looking for a platform where we could leverage our crowd without having to do crowdfunding or anything of that magnitude. We were basically looking for a way to collect great ideas and activate our community.

Enter Ideahunt.io

Ideahunt.io is a crowdsourcing platform where you can post any idea and get great feedback. The purpose is to involve the community in the process and give the contributors a clear incentive to provide the best idea and feedback as possible. Our campaign on this platform started as an experiment, but we found that out of the 25 ideas posted we are eager to put most of them into action. It was a great success! We found that our community is a lot closer now and the projects that are active at the moment have really awesome potential.

Results from our Svava

One of the things that surprised us the most was the quality of some of the ideas. We had at least one idea that in itself was a clear business case for an incubator and VC firm. However, our campaign scope included collecting and banking the ideas to be implemented by our members in the future. We have used some of the ideas already; such as live streaming and a Slack channel. Other ideas are currently on hold. We are ready to use them as matchmakers for our members so they can team up and realize the ideas together.

The takeaways from our first campaign is that Svava is great for collecting awesome ideas and really activates the community. It also serves the purpose of networking around ideas. We were able to match members of our community with each other. All in all, Svava is a great tool to collect ideas and activate your community.

Jesper Petersson is an organizer for the Swedish Growth Hackers Meetup in Stockholm, Sweden.

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