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Svava, Empowering Prosumers Everywhere

Svava, Empowering Prosumers Everywhere
Maggie Franz

Maggie Franz

Photo by Morgan Sessions

Learn why your consumers love Svava

The markets have changed, technology has shifted the power from big brands to consumers. Individuals now have the power to help shape the brands they love, uplift the products that meet their needs, and leave behind those that don’t. Companies now must be responsive and heed the feedback of their customers, who are no longer consumers but prosumers. Open innovation is the avenue that successful brands leverage to listen to their customers, collect their feedback, ideas, and imagery, and act upon it.

With Svava Your Brand Is:


Companies who utilize an open innovation platform are just that, open to their customers. It signals to users that your brand values the feedback they have to provide and are ready to actively listen.

Open Up with Svava, the Innovation Platform

No Longer Anonymous

Coaches, or hunt administrators have their photos, names and emails listed so the brands are no longer faceless, amorphous entities.

Ditch Your Anonymity with Svava's Open Innovation Platform


By providing a direct line of communication from your decision makes, to your customers, it shows that you are listening. Contact forms and generic emails feel black holes, but an open innovation platform, that’s picking up the phone and getting the director of marketing.

Show You're Listening, With the Open Innovation Platform, Svava


Your activity on the platform, awarding feedback as useful, responding to questions, shows that you are engaged with your customers. This demonstrates to your customers that they are valued.

Feedback on the open innovation platform Svava


The lives of your customers are changing everyday. They have ever evolving needs and wants with more options available to them. Being responsive to these changes maintains your relevance.

Open Innovation on Svava, the Innovation Platform

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