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Svava Closes the Feedback Loop

Svava Closes the Feedback Loop
Maggie Franz

Maggie Franz

Photo by Tyler Lastovich

Making it both fun an easy to co-create and curate ideas

Svava has created a new tool, a multi-tool of sorts in the open innovation platform. The Svava platform is a unique online tool that is helping companies of all types collect data in the form of innovative ideas, product feedback, user developed content, and more.

Whether your business is in brick and mortar or online retail or B2B with direct salesforces the open innovation platform from Svava can help you open up lines of communication with your customers and start gaining you valuable and actionable feedback.

Reach these customers through sending invitations right from the innovative platform itself, share the custom URLs on your social media profiles and in your marketing emails to entice your customers to sign up on the platform as users. As your customers become Svava users, you gain valuable insights about them through custom signup form fields that include but are not limited to their email address, gender, location, etc.

Open Innovation on Svava, the Innovation PlatformThe platform:

  • Is easy and fun to use.
  • Leverages gamification.
  • Facilitates rewarding prizes to reward users.
  • Gives Administrators have full control over the environment, enabling them to facilitate discussion and collaboration.
  • Creates a dedicated space to build a community.
  • Facilitates Innovation.
  • Empowers your customers.
  • Generates Marketing collateral and opportunity.
  • Identifies potential PR or growth opportunities.
  • Gathers data on customers through both the signup process and their participation in hunts.
  • Allows admins to download ideas, feedbacks, images and video.

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