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Hunt Recap: TrekConnect

Hunt Recap: TrekConnect
Maggie Franz

Maggie Franz

Photo by Hans-Peter Gauster

Breaking down the success of the TrekConnect project on Svava

We recently caught up with Will, one of the co-founders of TrekConnect, to ask him about their experience on Svava - the innovation crowdsourcing platform. In June of 2016 TrekConnect created an Svava to gather new ideas for ways that they could connect with travelers. Why? TrekConnect isn’t your typical travel agency. They’re helping travelers feel more like locals, and get more out of their vacations.

TrekConnect was looking to gather up new ideations of their original marketing goals, to connect with travelers so that they can connect them, with local ambassadors to plan the vacation of a lifetime. When we travel, we run the risk of hitting all of the tourist sites, and missing out on the unique and vibrant places the locals know and love. TrekConnect wants to bring these places to travelers who want to do more, see more and live more. After all, collecting creative ideations around a problem or a challenge is one of the things at which Svava excels.

When they launched the TrekConnect Svava, they collected 27 innovative ideas. It was hard to choose a winner from all of these unique perspectives, but Will and his teammates were able to do so after some thoughtful deliberation. Ultimately the prize for the best idea went to Martin Cusse, for his social media themed ideation. Martin suggested that TrekConnect leverage travel oriented Facebook groups to identify and connect with travelers.

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