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How Tracy Became an Indiegogo Success

How Tracy Became an Indiegogo Success
Elia Mörling

Elia Mörling

Trace has run two Idea Hunts, and recently became successfully funded on Indiegogo within 24 hours. We caught up with Artan to learn more about him, his dream, and experience using Svava.

Hi Artan, who are you?

Hey, I’m a creative…Hustler (It feels kind of weird to say that, but a brand expert advised me to label myself as that. Can we please start an Svava for a new title?). I’m also the Founder and CEO at Tracy.

And what do you do?

Right now I’m in a café sketching ideas on how to get fashion and technology to meet each other, and that’s also kind of what I do. I operate in that niche, and try to connect technology and pop-culture with the intent to create tomorrow’s progressive culture.

How do you come up with the Tracy Tracker?

I was experimenting with how to bridge the gap between art and technology. I strongly believe that those two worlds have everything to gain from each other. In the middle of all this my girlfriend’s dog got lost. That’s when I decided to create the first artificial intelligent accessory for dogs. And here we are.

What steps did you take, going from idea to prototype?

This question could be an entire book by itself. Since Tracy has been completely bootstrapped, so you can imagine all the ramen noodles and hard work I have had to put in. I have learned entirely new crafts. I got my inner 50 cent out, turned street smart, and also surrounded myself with a loyal crew of youngsters that have dedicated themselves to helping me building Tracy. I couldn’t be more grateful for meeting these geniuses – all credits to them. That’s why I say that Tracy is #BasedOnLoyalty.

What expert tips do you have for new crowdfunding campaigners?

I could do a step by step guide on this, but I guess we don’t have time for that. So to simplify everything, my best tips are have fun and become an internet meme – that’s the holy grail.

What was it like running an Svava, and were you able to incorporate any of the ideas in your campaign?

It was lots of fun! I use Idea hunt to validate my own ideas. I also met some of my backers in real life through Svava, so that was cool. I have quite an unusual background, and Svava turned out to be a great tool for networking with like minded people that I otherwise wouldn’t have bumped into.

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