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How to Create Valuable User Generated Feedback with Svava

How to Create Valuable User Generated Feedback with Svava

There’s no question that collecting user feedback can help businesses create an unforgettable user experience. The problem lies in determining how to gather feedback from users when there are several ways feedback can be created.

Svava, the premier open innovation platform for businesses, is a valuable tool for creating user generated feedback.

Defining User Generated Feedback

Let’s start by clearly defining User Generated Feedback (UGF). It refers to feedback given by users, generally those of products and websites.

In this case, Svava’s platform provides a place for businesses to ask for feedback, which is given in return as ideas and comments on submitted hunts.

What is a hunt? It’s the campaign created to invite users to leave feedback.

Creating User Generated Feedback

Asking questions is easy, but asking the right questions and getting them in front of the right audience is not so easy.

Traditional ways of garnering user feedback includes:

  • Telephone Surveys
  • Snail Mail Surveys
  • Comment Cards

All of which led to poor or missed opportunities for creating user generated feedback.

Svava provides a free online platform for businesses to connect with their users and other ideators on a global scale.

The Svava community is currently comprised of about 4,500 members. There’s a tremendous opportunity here to create user generated feedback for startups, companies, and entrepreneurs.

Reasons to Create User Generated Feedback

Being in direct contact can help bridge the gap between businesses and users.

It is a win-win scenario we have seen executed successfully on Svava several times since we launched in February 2016.

Exploring Potential Hunts:

  • Mobile Apps
  • Website Design
  • Product Design
  • MVP Launches
  • Crowdfunding
  • Contests
  • Use Cases
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business Strategy

User generated feedback (positive and negative) provides an invaluable insight into immediate issues and hypothetical scenarios.

The Value of Feedback

A relentless commitment to creating, organizing, and acting on user generated feedback plays a vital role in propelling businesses forward. Generating responses to feedback can also go a long way when building relationships. Users have the answers businesses need to acquire in order to improve user experiences.

Here at Svava, we believe strongly in making a positive impact by fostering relationships between businesses we trust and users.

How does it work? We invite you to learn more.

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