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How Selfie Jobs used Svava

How Selfie Jobs used Svava
Elia Mörling

Elia Mörling

As a Result, they Innovated Their Marketing

SelfieJobs is innovating the job market, with their approach to match qualified candidates with interesting or exciting jobs. Think of them as the “Tinder for jobs”. Already an innovator in a stale industry, SelfieJobs used Svava back in April in order to solve a crucial challenge. Many startups hit a growth hurdle, but SelfieJobs looked to the future and planned ahead with Svava. They asked both their existing community and the Svava user community, “How can we recruit more job seekers to Selfiejobs?”.

Svava recently caught up with their CEO Martin Tall to find out how they have been fairing since the close of their Svava. Founder of Svava, Elia Morling chatted with Tall about the specific growth hurdle that SelfieJobs was facing, and how they were able to successfully overcome that hurdle through the use of the Svava innovation platform.

SelfieJobs received some great, actionable ideas. One of the ideas they decided to try was “Take 5-10 volunteers in a city you have a high density of jobs and Do Guerrilla Marketing” by Svava Ambassador, Sebastian Klett. We asked Sebastian where he got this idea from and he told us, “I came up with this idea, because I follow a lot of guerrilla marketing stuff - as well as heaps of new and inspiring marketing ideas.

SelfieJobs put this idea to use by carrying the message on hover boards in central locations in Stockholm, as well as universities. Check it out:


Since their Svava they have seen an uptick in their recruitment for job seekers, and they recently hit the hallmark of 50,000 users. We’ve gotta say “Way to Go!” to that one! Svava is excited to see what happens next for this innovative new job matchmaking service that is being dubbed the “Tinder for jobs”.

Are you facing a challenge or growth hurdle? Create an Svava on our innovation platform to leverage both your existing community and our global community to find actionable solutions.

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