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How Can We Improve Svava

How Can We Improve Svava
Maggie Franz

Maggie Franz

Photo by Samuel Zeller

Walking the Walk

We Created Our Own Innovative Svava

We believe in our idea crowdsourcing platform for innovation so much that we created an Svava for ourselves. You hear us talking the talk, so it’s time for us to walk the walk. In our blog posts we talk quite frequently about being innovative, collecting feedback and listening to your users. So we created a hunt to do all of those important things. We created the hunt, How Can We Improve Svava and sent it out to our users, fans and followers.

The result?

This hunt was incredibly fun and engaging. We had 51 ideas submitted and engaged with 65 contributors. Many of these contributors were founding members, like myself. Everyone was a winner and we intend fully to take these ideas to heart, implementing as many of them as we can over the next year or so.

This was also the time when I started working more closely with Svava…in fact, the idea that I submitted for this hunt, landed me the interview with the company and here I am working as the Director of Community Growth Management today!

Founding Member and frequent blog contributor Sebastian Klett had the most up voted idea - which was to add a blog. I think Sebastian would agree that we’ve taken his suggestion and ran with it!

Next was Rick Grago who suggested that we reach out to podcasters with a significant following. While we haven’t gotten to this idea yet - it is a gem of an idea and it’s on the table to planning and discussion. It might get pushed until a little further down the line but this is one idea that we are surely holding onto. Great job Rick!

Third was Brady R’s idea to create a Two Step Viral Video Campaign - and isn’t that another great way that we could walk the walk? We love to feature video on Svava, so why not make this a part of our marketing plan? Brady if you have any tips on creating a viral video, we’re all ears!

Click through to the Svava to see all of the great ideas that were submitted!

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