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Formalizing the Front End of the Innovation Process

Formalizing the Front End of the Innovation Process
Maggie Franz

Maggie Franz

Four Simple Steps for Improving Your Innovation Output.

Around 95% of all innovations fail, with 45% of these projects failing due to a market gap.  With numbers like that, it’s easy to think that innovation has to be complex, and challenging.

Svava is smashing that notion.  By creating simple solutions that bring people together, innovation is no longer constricted to group meetings and busy schedules.  The Svava platform and additional modules allow innovation to unfold and evolve at the speed of creativity.

Svava’s Innovation Platform enables companies to invite a larger number of people within and outside of their organization to submit ideas, thoughts, feelings and feedback, while keeping it organized and promoting collaboration.  Taking the idea submission process out of your email, slack, and intranets eliminates the clutter and confusion, provides the ideators with a way to maintain ownership of their ideas, all while improving your overall innovation projects.

How to Formalize the Front End of the Innovation Process

  1. Define your corporate innovation process

  2. Implement tools to utilize during the process

  3. Empower internal resources through training

  4. Reach beyond the walls of your organization

Define the Innovation Process:

What does innovation look like within your organization?  Defining a process, with key steps, you can improve the success rate of your innovation projects, by ensuring that key elements are defined or created during the project.

Defining your corporate innovation process can be done in one of two ways.  The first option, selecting the existing process that best reflects your organization, requires less work.  On the downside, because this process was created for and by another organization, it may not be a 100% fit.  The second method is to form an internal team and draft your own unique corporate innovation process. This method is more work intensive and requires a larger investment of time, but it ensures that the process is a perfect fit.

Svava helps organizations define their corporate innovation process through both the user intuitive and customizable interface of our platform, and the roles and permissions.  In addition to the physical framework of the Svava Innovation Platform, our staff is available to help your team members draft the workflow that best fosters successful projects from your team.

Implement Tools

Innovation Platforms and Management Solutions are vital tools that can help to enhance your corporate innovation initiatives, saving valuable time and money, therefore minimizing key risks. They create an easy method of submitting and tracking ideas for both users and administrators.  In a way that emails and suggestion boxes cannot, Innovation Management Platforms allow for ownership of ideas, collaboration to foster improvement, and a method of organizing ideas for future use.

Svava formalizes the front end of your innovation process by providing your users with a customized innovation platform designed with an intuitive user interface, that adapts to your ideation process.

This innovation platform requires no training and facilitates not just ideation, but the refinement and evaluation of ideas submitted through your innovation process.

Svava’s SaaS tools Help:

  1. Organize

The Svava tools work on a project basis, meaning admins create individual projects or buckets, into which, users to submit ideas in the form of text, photos, videos and/or documentation.

The use of multiple projects, combined with back end admin management functionality keeps your current and previous ideas organized so that you can effectively manage them.  Run multiple projects at the same time, giving your team more ways to get involved and collaborate, more frequently.

  1. Improve

Your team has an abundance of ideas but, that doesn’t necessarily lead to successful corporate innovation. These collaborative tools bring team members, and their ideas together, to improve their quality and transform them into actionable projects.

Users can vote for ideas, assign a rating, and submit feedback, engaging with each other in real time with Svava’s innovation management solutions.  Taking the large amount of ideas, refining and improving them, does lead to better projects, and ultimately successful corporate innovation.

  1. Evaluate

Admins and users can rate, evaluate and vote for ideas on top of providing feedback, candidly or publicly, to improve them on the Svava Open Innovation SaaS tools. On the Administrative login, track ideas and projects, their progress and more.

Svava’s custom innovation management platforms are chalked full of functionality that makes it easy for both users and admins to sign in and utilize the platform with minimal training.


In this case, training covers the entire innovation process.  Successful innovation projects often are comprised of multiple teams of people, working together towards a defined goal.

Innovation Process: Because each innovation process should be tailored to the individual organization, you should need to highlight the different steps within your specific process.

Software Training: The individual tool your organization has elected to utilize may require training.  Svava’s intuitive user interface enables your project participants to begin using the platform from day one with little to no training, although some organizations elect to walk groups through via a demonstration.

Reach Outside of Your Organization

You may have different teams of internal personnel working on a project, or you choose to invite external resources into your project; resources such as experts, startups, customers, etc. These people bring unique experiences and fresh perspectives to your innovation projects, and can make the difference for your next innovation project.

Inviting people from outside of your organization to become users on your innovation platform is easy and can be done in very much the same way as when you invite internal resources to the platform.

To learn more about formalizing the front end of your innovation process, or to start a conversation about customizing your own Svava platform, start a conversation with us today. Email us here, and we’ll put you in touch with the appropriate Svava Office and representative.

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