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Flash Mob

Flash Mob
Maggie Franz

Maggie Franz

Photo by Abby Kihano

What is the Svava Flash Mob?

Not every hunt that is created on the Svava innovation platform is featured. It takes at least 10 ideas for a hunt to become featured. There are a few reasons why we have set the platform up this way. The first is prevent a hunt from being featured before it’s ready. Some hunts sound like a promotion or maybe need rephrased as a question when they’re first created. Other hunts might need a little guidance in adding some additional information. This helps make sure that the hunt is able to garner engagement when it’s featured live on the Svava home page and innovation platform.

How can a hunt get ideas if it’s not featured?

Every individual, startup and company that creates a hunt on the platform has a tribe, a community or a following. We ask that they share their Svava with these fans so that they can get the ideas needed to be featured. After all, who is more excited to engage with you and your brand than your own friends, family and fans?

Then there’s the Flash Mob

One of the perks of becoming a Founding Member, and soon an ambassador, is that you have access to hunts before they are featured. This allows you to submit your great idea before everyone else can, it also means that you get to submit your ideas early, which gives the community more time to help curate and refine these ideas into something powerful and actionable. It’s exciting to take part in helping a hunt become featured! We use Slack to communicate with our Founding Members and Ambassadors. On or Slack we have created an Svava Flash Mob channel where we post exciting new hunts. The members come together and generate ideas in a quick feature round and seed the hunt the ideas needed to be featured.

Already a Founding Member? Be sure to join the #idea-flash-mob channel on Svava’s Slack. New to Svava and interested in becoming an ambassador? Click here and complete the form to sign up. We’ll be announcing the full extent of the Ambassador Program in August after the Svava concludes!

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