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Filling Out Your Community Profile

Filling Out Your Community Profile
Maggie Franz

Maggie Franz

Photo by Slava Bowman

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Welcome to Svava! We are excited to welcome you to an incredible, global community built around the premier idea crowdsourcing platform. It’s not a lack of humility but an exuberance that stems from having the opportunity to engage with a community this inspiring on a daily basis. We truly are a global community, offering our members the ability to network with and learn from experts from many different industries and countries around the world. Svava community members are entrepreneurs, markets, product designers, developers, data scientists and engineers who have a shared passion for innovation, creativity and community.

While sharing and collaborating on unique projects, our members are able to quickly get a glimpse of their fellow Idea Hunters or community members through our Community Profiles. These profiles are simple summaries or backgrounds about our individual Idea Hunters and include country of origin, a profile photo or avatar, a website link, space to include a creative description about yourself, as well links to or your handles for your social media platforms of choice. These profile are very easy to complete and help to promote networking and knowledge sharing both on the platform and beyond.

When a user submits an idea, the hunt administrator receives an email notification so that they can review the idea and interact with the hunter who submitted it. The administrator can quickly glance at their Community Profile to learn more about the Idea Hunter and perhaps the experience that inspired their contribution. In very much the same way, once an idea has received feedback, the member who submitted the idea receives an email notification. The Community Profile is important here as well because it enables the idea owner the ability to understand who they are now collaborating with and spur further conversations.

We ask all of our community members, or Idea Hunters as we call them, to take a few moments to fill out this creative yet simple profile to further foster networking and communication. In the near future Svava will be expanding these Community Profiles to allow users to share even more information in an easy to update and manageable format.

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