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Evolve Your Meetings

Evolve Your Meetings
Maggie Franz

Maggie Franz

Announcing the next new feature in Svava’s transformational SaaS Suite

The newest addition to the Svava Suite of SaaS resources will drastically change the way you run workshops and meetings, for the better. Set to launch free to the public next week, the new features will digitize the meeting experience.  

Professional Templates

This digitization will provide professional templates which eliminate the need to design and create each workshop from scratch. Save that for your holiday office party desserts.  

These templates will provide facilitators and participants with helpful instructions, at appropriate times during the workshop to keep engagement high and the results flowing.

Maintains Focus

By transforming the participants personal device (cell phone, tablet, etc.), in addition to a presenter’s larger screen, the digital framework of this workshop tool holds participant focus.  By keeping them focused, you limit distractions and achieve better outcomes.

Boosts Engagement

Through the use of their phone or table, everyone is able to easily submit ideas despite their location in the room or the volume of their voice. Democratizing the workshop in this way ensures that everyone can participate, rather than one blustering team member to steal the show.

Distributed Teams

Do you struggle to schedule your workshops around a team that is located in different offices?  Svava’s SaaS makes is possible for those team members to participate from anywhere they have a wifi connection. Whether they’re at the office, home, or in a hotel, you can host your workshop and not miss a beat.

And It’s Free!

To start using the tool, and hosting digital brainstorming workshops, it’s totally free. Keep the credit card in your pocket and simply sign up to be one of the first to use the one tool that will evolve your workshops forever.

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