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Ensure Svava Campaign Success

Ensure Svava Campaign Success
Elia Mörling

Elia Mörling

With a Well-Rounded Marketing Strategy

It’s a really fun experience when two companies come together and mutually benefit from one another. We were thrilled when this partnership occurred with Svava last month. Elia Morling, Svava’s fearless leader, signed up for our content discovery tool, UpContent. After trying it out, he suggested we set up an Svava campaign to crowdsource our user base for new ideas to improve our product. We’re always looking for feedback. We could see how useful Svava would be, not only to gather these constructive suggestions, but also to build relationships with our users. Setting up a campaign was a no-brainer.

However, we knew that our Svava campaign would only be as successful as the quality and number of submitted ideas. As a result, we integrated Svava into our regular marketing efforts by creating specific tweets, graphics, emails, and Intercom announcements to encourage our current users to submit their ideas. With Elia’s encouragement, we are thrilled to share the various types of marketing materials we created in hopes you will feel inspired to do so for your own Svava campaigns!


Our brand’s social presence lives primarily on Twitter, but you could certainly adapt these ideas for other social media profiles. Our campaign ran for a little over two weeks. During that time, we tweeted ten times specifically about Svava, some of which included images, while all linked to our campaign page. We also retweeted Svava’s tweets about our campaign.

We introduced the campaign with a simple tweet, mentioning how there are prizes at stake (and that everyone wins!).

After we received a few idea submissions, we let our followers know so they could check them out and that they still had time to submit their own. Including a few pictures from the campaign helped the tweet stand out, too.

We posted other tweets that asked our followers which idea was their favorite and encouraged them to upvote, prompting them to click through and find out themselves. On the final day of our campaign, we made sure to include a LAST DAY warning.

Once the campaign ended and the winners for Best Idea and Best Feedbacker were chosen, we designed simple, but effective Twitter graphics to congratulate them.

We felt these tweets were a great way for us to connect with our regular audience and to give updates throughout the entire campaign in addition to our email and Intercom announcements. Taking the time to design graphics at the end was worth it, because it made our winners feel extra appreciated for their awesome ideas!


Though we enjoy hanging out with our friends and users on Twitter the most, we knew that not everyone would see or act on our tweets alone. We created a simple email through ConvertKit to invite our users to submit their idea.

Email created to invite users to submit ideas. Engage your users

We gave our subscribers three opportunities to click over to the campaign and made sure to bold our prizes for their efforts. On the last day of the campaign, we sent a reminder email only to those who had clicked on and opened one of the links because we knew that they would be the people most interested in participating. This process was easy to create automatically through ConvertKit using a link trigger.

After the campaign ended, we sent an email to all of those who submitted an idea or added feedback using the Svava feature. We also sent our own separate email to let this list know that their prizes had already been added to their account (we gave everyone who participated a free month of one of our upgraded accounts!).

Our email efforts proved to be our most effective strategy with an average open rate of 53.47% and a click-through rate of 13.27%. Even our initial email sent to all of our users proved to be successful at a 23.7% and a click-through rate of 1.6%. Ensuring only interested users received any subsequent emails proved to be a smart decision.


The final piece of our marketing campaign utilized our live chat application, Intercom. We created a small announcement that would pop up on the side for anyone using UpContent during the length of our Svava campaign. We felt that using the small announcement feature would ensure that most, if not all, users would see and read the message without being too intrusive.

The announcement we used to the increase click-through rate. Increase click-through rate

This small announcement led to a 12% click-through rate and some comments from users saying they would check out our campaign.

Additionally, Intercom allowed us to send messages to all of our Svava contributors at the conclusion of our campaign, letting them know that their specific prize had been applied and thanking them for their ideas and feedback.

Intercom announcement used to increase click-through rates. Thanking users of Svava

It was a nice way to follow up with our users and remind them of our gratitude once they logged into UpContent.

Overall, our marketing efforts did not require a great deal of time or effort, but it yielded a nice return, making our Svava campaign a big success. Utilizing a mix of mediums and frequencies allowed us to reach more people throughout the two weeks and helped us to tailor content for a very specific audience of interested individuals.

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Marissa Burdett is the Growth Manager for UpContent, serving as the “voice” of the content discovery tool.

Let us know what you would add to your marketing strategy to promote your Svava campaign in the comment section below!

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