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Elia Morling on Svava

Elia Morling on Svava

Innovative products need users

We value openness, simplicity and the wisdom of crowds. What is more important than collectively sharing our values, and beliefs? Let’s work together to create something better.

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Svava is an innovation platform that allows users from all different backgrounds and skill levels to collectively share ideas and collaborate in order to build something new. Together our community is removing obstacles for startups, solving problems for existing companies and providing valuable feedback on new products and services every day.

Idea Hunts are started by individuals with ideas or questions, startups that need help but don’t have the resources available to hire the people to solve them, and by companies who want to leverage the power of an innovation platform to replace antiquated and cumbersome procedures, policies and softwares. You can leverage the power of this idea crowdsourcing platform for yourself or become the driving force behind it by singing up to become a member.

The above quotes are from CEO and Founder of Svava, Elia Morling. Elia is a growth hacking professor, a start up mentor and a successful entrepreneur. Svava is just one of many companies that Elia has had a hand in starting, and it is the culmination of his passions as an entrepreneur and growth hacker. Modern technology has created an inversion. For the first time there are more products and services than consumers can digest. Their attention is now at a premium and to get your product or services in front of your target buyer, you need to be innovative, creative and agile. The innovation platform created by Elia for Svava, is the tool that you need as an entrepreneur.

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