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Digitizing the Process of Co-Creation

Digitizing the Process of Co-Creation
Maggie Franz

Maggie Franz

Through Interactive Workshops, Bringing Them Into the Modern Era

Almost every part of the way business is conducted has changed, has been digitized.  Email and messaging platforms have changed the way we communicate, intranets have replaced a multitude of resources.  However when it comes to the ways in which we work together, the ways we collaborate and co-create, almost nothing has changed.  Rather than hosting interactive workshops, we are still using pen and paper to capture and record ideas, to evaluate and group ideas, and more.

And as a result, we run into the same old problems:

  1. Workshops are time consuming.

  2. Workshops are work intensive.

  3. After workshops, participants aren’t always told what the outcome was.

Interactive workshops change this. The new SaaS from Svava will change all of this and more.

Svava is digitizing the workshop process, through the creation of professional workshop templates, housed within a free SaaS.  Each type of workshop has or will have a template which users can select and use to create their event. When the tool launches, the brainstorming template will be available to all users, and a host of templates within the design thinking package will be available in the following weeks.

What makes these templates so powerful?    

These templates cut down drastically on the amount of time it takes to set up a workshop.  Think back to the last time you had to host a workshop. How many hours did it take you? Selecting our SaaS tool will drastically cut down on that time.  Is this the first time you’ve hosted a workshop? Think how much more relaxed you can be conducting your first workshop when you leverage the experience and expertise of professionals.

On the other side of the workshop, because it has been digitally conducted, the results are automatically compiled and immediately available.  This means that there is no need for someone to sit for hours recording the ideas and notes. No more squinting at so and so’s handwriting trying to remember what their idea was, or potentially missing someone’s submission because it fell off of the wall and floated behind the trash can.

Stuck trying to make things happen on that one day when everyone is in the office, and there are about 4 million other things that need done?

In a perfect world, we’d all be able to get together in one room.  But for many teams, members

are located in different offices or like our team, in different cities and countries.  Things happen and sometimes team members are stuck at thome with sick children, or have caught something themselves.  When you are able to get everyone together, there is often a lot that needs to get done. A four hour workshop can drastically cut into the amount that is accomplished in that time.

Our workshop solution enables you to host workshops with a distributed team.  Whether you are spread about one city, one country, or even the globe, as long as your team members have the meeting invite, internet access and a device like a phone or computer, they can participate in the workshop.

This helpful app makes facilitating a workshop a breeze, empowers individual participants and makes results available for download instantly.

It’s also free to start using the tool for brainstorming workshops.  Don’t worry, we have loads of templates for other workshops, especially design thinking workshops coming soon.

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