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Digital Brainstorming Workshops

Digital Brainstorming Workshops
Lotta Strand

Lotta Strand

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Give your brainstorming a powerful boost

Brainstorming meetings are powerful and versatile tools for a business. From problem solving, to opportunity scouting and just about everything in between, brainstorming workshops leverage the power of your team members to generate actionable outcomes.

What if you could give these brainstorming and evaluation events a boost? What if you could level up by digitizing the process using devices you team members already have, and gain access to the workshop results immediately. What if you could do it all for free?

We digitized the workshop experience to help you shift gears, working faster, better and more collaboratively. And we provided you with a professional grade brainstorming template to make hosting these workshops a breeze. We’ve outlined how it works below, but you’ll be guided step by step through the simple process once you click the link.

How do the interactive brainstorming meetings work?

We’ve created professional meeting templates based on experienced facilitators experience and expertise, so that you can quickly set up and facilitate a meeting.

Simply visit this link, create your account, select the brainstorming template and follow the prompts to create your meeting.  

Then share the custom meeting code with your participants and you are ready to kick off your interactive brainstorming workshop.  

Don’t worry about grabbing the post-its, markers or oversized paper pads (because no one looks graceful carrying those things anyways). All you need is your laptop and a presentation screen. Your participants bring their own personal devices and you are ready to go.

Whether you need to run one or several interactive brainstorming workshops, Svava makes it fast and easy to generate great results. And you can start doing it all, for free.

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