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Define Your Innovation Success with Svava's Enterprise Innovation Platform

Define Your Innovation Success with Svava's Enterprise Innovation Platform
Maggie Franz

Maggie Franz

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Define Your Innovation Success

With Svava’s Enterprise Innovation Platform

Defining success is an important step that can and should be taken at the start of every innovation project. By defining success you create a target toward which your users can direct their energy, their creativity, ensuring that they work together towards a common goal rather than working independently and in different directions.

With an open innovation solution from Svava, there is a dedicated space in which project leaders can define success for each and every project. The creative brief, is an open space in which you can define the target, the scope and the goal of an innovation project.

Narrowing down the focus of a singular project, means that the ideas submitted to this project will be much more specific, and of a higher quality than those submitted to a general suggestion box. When higher quality ideas are submitted from the project’s inception, and then are refined and curated over time, they grow into even better and more actionable ideas. Often, we see multiple actionable ideas come out of a singular project on Svava.

Limiting the size and scope of a singular project does not mean that you are limiting the impact of or potential for innovation. An enterprise platform provides companies with the ability to host multiple projects at one time. Rather than a few large buckets for collecting ideas, you can now create specific projects into which your team members, your platform users, can organize their ideas. This saves time, and energy for your innovation team or project leaders and creates a better end result for each of the projects.

Every idea submitted to the enterprise platform, is stored on the platform and can be accessed or recalled, via a search, or by accessing the project to which it was originally submitted. By creating a larger number of more refined topics, you can also make it easier to go back and work with ideas that were previously submitted by your users.

Taking the time to create a larger number of more highly refined projects, enables to you more accurately define their success. When you can very accurately define the success of a project, you can better equip your team members to ideate and come up with meaningful innovation solutions, ultimately impacting the success of these project.

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