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Customer Feedback Tools

Customer Feedback Tools

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Author: Sebastian Klett

In my previous blog posts, I have described how essential customer feedback and satisfaction is for your company in order to succeed and bring your product or service onto the right track. In this last post of the series, I will focus on tools and software which I think could be useful to make the whole process a bit more automated so you can get most out of your data. This will hopefully make it easier to precisely measure and also improve your customer satisfaction.

These tools I’m reviewing will range from those that can be used to create surveys, collecting and analyzing data, to software which can only be used to analyze feedback you gathered somewhere else.

  1. SurveyMonkey

The first tool I want to mention is SurveyMonkey. A leading online survey tool with a focus on creating any kind of survey, used by millions of businesses all around the world. SurveyMonkey has a wide range of features and is easy to understand and to kick off your customer feedback collection. The collection of data is good for each separate survey but SurveyMonkey lacks tracking of data across multiple surveys which would be important to analyze if you are actually doing better or worse than in the last survey. The free version is not really useful as you will not have any options to do your own branding which I think is essential for a good survey and therefore I strongly recommend getting a paid version.

  1. SurveyGizmo

SurveyGizmo is similar to SurveyMonkey (even the name is nearly identical ). It also is great to start with and helpful for everyone that wants once off analysis for your product or service. SurveyGizmo also lacks the ability to gather feedback over a certain period of time and therefore has the same downside than SurveyMonkey. They are both easy to start with and give templates but what makes SuveryGizmo stand out is the logic that can be used in surveys. This means that you can use a result of an earlier question for later questions and complex data for big long surveys and here SurveyGizmo is one step ahead of SuveryMonkey.

These two tools lack one important feature and that is reacting to the feedback you are receiving for your product.

  1. Qualaroo

Qualaroo is a good customer feedback tool for specific questions on your site. E.G. for questions on a product page or during and after the checkout. You can trigger these with lots of different metrics such as time on page etc. A good example where it is often used is if people stay a long time on a product page to ask if the product is explained clearly or if a customer is missing anything. It gives you good insights on specific pages if you know how and when to ask the right question. Is not a so good to get a complete feedback on a product or service but if used correctly great value.

  1. Userlytics

Userlytics is a user experience tool that lets you get direct feedback on the user experience and gets profiled users to use your site or prototype and give feedback. It gets you direct feedback of possible users not just with analytics but also with a voice over recording while they are completing a specific task like checkout or finding a specific product. A video of them browsing and using your product is also available and can be played back any time. This is a special kind of feedback from customers and differs from the other tools as you get totally different feedback than in a text based survey.

  1. IdeaHunt

IdeaHunt is a crowdsourcing tool and a different form of feedback tool for your product since it focuses on the innovation of a product in finding the next best “killer” feature for it. The feedback here is from users which are using your tools or have an interest in giving feedback for a particular problem of your product or even coming up with new ideas for your service and product. There is a wide range of possibilities using IdeaHunt and you can get feedback on ideas users submit and evaluate that for you. The important part here is that there are no limits so you get ideas and feedback for your tool which goes beyond the normal effort of feedback. There are quite some successful stories (here and here).

This is just a collection of tools to analyze and review feedback you can use, and there are a few more tools we have used including:

    • UserSnap (simple feedback tool easy to use similar to Qualaroo)
    • Zoomerang (free survey tool similar to SurveyMonkey and SurveyGizmo)
    • WhatUsersDo (similar to Userlytics, gives you a specific group of users testing and using your product with video and voice feedback)

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