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Creatively Cultivating Ideas from Within

Creatively Cultivating Ideas from Within
Lotta Strand

Lotta Strand

How Tekniska Verken, a cutting edge Swedish energy company, is using Svava to source new Ideas.

Using the co-creation platform, Tekniska Verken, hosts ideation challenges to collect ideas from their internal team members. This is both an exciting and resourceful way to source innovations that keep them forward. These contests are called Innoverket.

Urban Jensen, a system coordinator at Tekniska Verken, submitted one of the top ten ideas at Innoverket 2017. On a regular work day Urban helps colleagues work with the different internal systems, such as CRM or news letter systems. He explains his role as, creating great days for his colleagues.

As a part of the culture at Tekniska Verken, every Friday afternoon contains a sharing session. One department gets to speak about their work and inspire colleagues. At one of these sessions, Urban was listening to the waste department talk.

Their presentation got him thinking about how one could make waste management more fun. Urban asked himself, how can we make the regular old large waste container more exciting?

Urban developed the concept of an “Eventainer” - a regular waste or shipping container redesigned and refurbished to host idea events in. The name Eventainer is a combination of the words Event and Container.

Urban’s concept build upon the The Fun Theory: if you want to get people to change their behavior, make what you want them to do novel and fun. With the Eventainer, Urban aimed to improve waste management by making it fun. With this idea Urban entered the 2017 idea competition Innoverket.

His idea was very well received and it awarded him both time and a budget to make his idea reality. Now he needed help with designing the Eventainer. Tekniska Verken has an ongoing collaboration with Linköping University, and their students, who are a group with lots of ideas. This is where Urban went with his Eventainer idea. He added a competitive atmosphere with some great prices and got to work.

Urban used Svava’s co-creation platform as the method for collecting ideas from the students. It fit his needs for digitization and automation. A great benefit was not having to have all the ideas on paper, collect them all and then spend time recording and evaluating. With Svava, students could also vote, feedback and evaluate each others ideas, giving Urban a lot of added value as well as saved time. With Svava, he could follow each idea and see which of them received the most votes and discussions, and ultimately, which ones had a viral factor.

The event was 3 days all in total. The participants had 48 hours to formulate their concept. Participants immediately took to Urban’s concept and were very engaged. The next step was down to a jury, who read and evaluated all the concepts before picking a winner.

Urban had counted on five to ten submissions, but he received ten times as many! In total, 51 concepts were handed in on time! This was far beyond Urban’s expectations.

The event was filmed and is now being used for marketing projects, which is another added benefit to the project! Urban is already working on how to make the Eventainer even better, and wants to work with color and shape as concepts for improving waste management.

As Urban says, engaging the public is essential for building a sustainable vision and concept. This was his aim from the start, to work with something he is passionate about. Winning Innoverket was not why he entered the competition he says, but the possibility for turning his idea into reality and making a difference was the real price. This possibility made him very happy and excited, even if it can be challenging at times to go outside your comfort zone.

At Svava we love to hear how companies that start working with an open idea culture and that allow ideas and concepts to be shared in a transparent way really empower their staff members. Keep up the good work Tekniska Verken!


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