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Constructing the Community

Constructing the Community
Maggie Franz

Maggie Franz

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Building a collaborative environment

Svava is bent on building a better community, one that is unique as our innovation platform. We are constructing the community one member at a time and we thank you for taking this collaborative environment one step further with your membership. Your work to build the community with us doesn’t stop at your membership though. The Svava Community is built upon three pillars: Our members, their ideas, and their feedback.

Without our members, Svava would be relegated to a tool, something that can be used to complete a task. With our members it evolves from a tool or a platform, into a vibrant center for innovation and creativity. The diversity among our members or Idea Hunters, and their backgrounds bring multiple perspectives to the community.

Ideas drive innovation and creativity on the platform. They are the fuel that keeps it running. Svava was built as an idea crowdsourcing platform to help foster innovation and collaboration to aid startups in their formational years. Ideas are like diamonds, they are so valuable that they could be a currency unto themselves. Just like diamonds are a bit rough and need some polishing before they are ready to go, ideas sometimes need refinement as well.

Feedback is the method through which ideas on the innovation platform are refined and curated into polished and actionable steps that startups and companies can take to solve problems, reach goals and more. True collaboration happens after an idea is submitted and the members of the community come together to curate that idea into something even more.

Now that you have had some time to explore Svava and post some ideas, we invite you to collaborate with other Idea Hunters and give them some positive and constructive feedback so that you can help them take their ideas to the next level. Because feedback is where the magic happens.

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