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Community Campaigns on Svava

Community Campaigns on Svava
Maggie Franz

Maggie Franz

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Sharing our ideas, resources and knowledge to make this an even more vibrant community

We say it all of the time - the Svava Community is like no other.  You have made this a vibrant and exciting place to be, and we would like to thank you for it. As a way to foster even more engagement and sharing among you and your peers, we have started a series of Svava campaigns that are purely focused on you and your needs as an entrepreneur, designer, marketer and innovator.

Yesterday we launched our first Svava Community Campaign, asking the question “What are your favorite resources?” Share with us your favorite podcasts, blogs, ebooks and other resources on any of the topics relevant to Svava and the community. Yup! That means we are looking for resources on topics like innovation, entrepreneurship, ideation, crowdsourcing, open innovation, design, coding, marketing and more! We are especially interested to learn whether you have been a part of one of these resources. If so, we cannot wait to share it.

Don’t have a favorite podcast? Or curious to see what others are reading? Come join the hunt! Ask questions, give feedback and learn with your fellow Svava Community members.

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