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Closing the Feedback Loop

Closing the Feedback Loop
Maggie Franz

Maggie Franz

Why is it important?

You can spend countless hours researching and learning everything there is to be learned about your customers, gain all of the insights into their demographics and psychographics technology can give you, but until you talk to them, you can’t really learn what they’re thinking or feeling.

The way your customers think and feel about your brand and the products or services that you offer is worth its weight in gold, because it frames their customer experience.

Whether you have 100 customers or 100,000, their feedback is important because it provides insights that can’t otherwise be gained. For example, you can tell that people like your products because they are buying them, but do you know the exact reasons why they buy your products?

Speaking directly to the people who use these products in their daily lives can teach you quite a bit. You might learn a new use case for a product or discover a new need that your service fulfills. In both of these cases, you have gained a new marketing insight. Engaging your customers can also help to identify weaknesses, such as things things that your product doesn’t currently do but that your consumers are wishing that it did.

Lastly, markets today are changing more rapidly than ever before. Competition in these markets is increasing and making it more difficult for you to maintain a relationship with your current customers. Opening up a direct channel of communication with these customers not only makes them feel that they are valued by your brand, but it enables them to voice key concerns, wishes or thoughts that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to share with you. This empowers your consumers every bit as much as it empowers you to adapt to their changing needs.

Your customers want to engage with you, they want you to close the feedback loop so that they can. You can use Svava’s open innovation platform to open up these direct channels of communication with your customers starting today. Signup for Svava, create a hunt and start inviting your customers to engage with you here, on the premier open innovation platform.

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