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Cleaning Up Current and Past Hunts

Cleaning Up Current and Past Hunts
Maggie Franz

Maggie Franz

Moderating and Managing Hunts, Ideas, and Feedbacks on the Co-Creation Platform.

How to Delete or Remove a Hunt

Did you or your team members run a test Hunt…or two?  Do your teams have a Hunt that was created by mistake? Simply no longer need one or more of your previous projects? No worries. You can now create and run test hunts, try different projects, run a demo with a smaller team and more.

Platform administrators can now delete or Hunts from their custom Co-Creation and Collaboration Platforms.  Removing hunts is easy to do but should be done with care. Once a hunt is removed, it cannot be brought back. 

For Administrators: 

  1. First log into your Co-Creation and Collaboration Platform.
  2. Click your name or profile image in the upper right hand corner to expand the larger menu.
  3. Select “Hunts” from the Co-Creation Menu.
  4. Locate the hunt in question.
  5. On the right hand side of your screen, click the red “delete” button for the hunt you’d like to delete.  Be careful to delete the correct hunt.

For Administrators and Coaches:

  1. First log into your Co-Creation and Collaboration Platform.

  2. Locate the Hunt in question, and click into it.

  3. Scroll Down to “Advanced Controls” in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.  Click to expand the menu. 

  4. Click the Rede Button that says “Delete”

How to Delete Contributions: 

Ideas often unfold organically during projects, and when you have a large number of contributors, idea management can be an essential element. Previously on the platform, when a contribution was a duplicate, or deemed irrelevant to a project, administrators could “hide” it by deactivating the idea. 

This added functionality helps to keep the hunts or projects on the co-creation platform organized and reduce duplicative ideas, at the administrator level.  Contribution authors or creators also now have the ability to remove their own ideas. Deleting ideas will remove them from the downloadable reports, and the project based statistics.

You can still hide ideas by logging in as a coach, selecting the hunt, then the idea and from the dropdown, marking it as inactive. 

How To Delete Ideas

For Platform Administrators:

  1. Log into your platform.
  2. Locate the hunt, and then the idea in question.
  3. Select the “delete” option in red.

Cleaning up past feedback submissions on the Svava Platform

Discussions arise around ideas and submissions on the Co-Creation and Collaboration platform.  Sometimes simple supportive comments from friends and co-workers are submitted but push down the important questions and collaborative feedback.  

Other times, feedback is given, and the submission’s author implements that feedback to improve their submission.  This feedback is now rendered obsolete. With this latest update from the Svava Development Team, both Hunt Coaches and Platform Administrators can remove feedback.

How to Remove Feedback:

  1. First, log into your custom Svava Co-Creation and Collaboration Platform.  You can find this link in the upper right hand corner of the home screen of the platform.
  2. Locate the specific Hunt or project where the feedback has been submitted.
  3. Within that Hunt, locate the submission which was the recipient of the feedback in question.
  4. Coaches and Administrators will see a small blue “x” in the bottom right hand corner of each feedback.  
  5. Simply click this “x” to remove the feedback.

Over the course of 2018 our development team has been adding great new functionality to this product, including this feature, as well as a totally redesigned menu.  


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