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Audibility successfully rebooted their Kickstarter

Audibility successfully rebooted their Kickstarter
Elia Mörling

Elia Mörling

With the aid of the Svava community

Audibility offers custom-fit earphones designed to fit your EarPrint in just 10 minutes, and stay put for any activity.

They recently ran an Svava to collect ideas for the re-boot of their Kickstarter campaign.

We were really excited to learn that their new campaign was successfully funded within 24 hours!

We caught up with Brian Carter, the CEO of Audibility, to hear what he had to say about Svava:

The Svava community has been a great sounding board for new ideas and has been instrumental in bringing the Audibility Kickstarter to life!

These ideas had the biggest impact on their crowdfunding success:

  • Re-focusing of the pitch to become more product focused and less about charity
  • Re-storyboarding of the Video
  • A Referral component
  • Tweaking the backer perks

Congratulations Brian and the Audibility team! Check out and consider supporting their Kickstarter.

Audibility will soon be running a new Svava. Keep your eyes out!

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