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Attending Brand Social's 2018 Conference

Attending Brand Social's 2018 Conference
Maggie Franz

Maggie Franz

Svava’s CEO Elia Mörling presents in London

We are excited to recap our attendance at this year’s Brand Social event in London.  CEO and Founder of Svava, Elia Morling was asked not only to attend this year’s event, but also to speak on his experience and expertise open innovation.  This year’s theme, and the topic of Elia’s talk was Openness.

Why Brand Social? As a conference hosted by event coordination group Utopia, Brand Social brings together senior marketing executives from around the world to share their experiences, challenges and triumphs.  You might wonder why an open innovation pioneer is so excited about an event for marketers - but that’s because marketing and open innovation are the perfect match.

Reaching beyond the walls of an organization and making connections with people in various marketplaces is a marketers bread and butter - and required for successful large scale open innovation projects.  Bringing customers into the innovation process requires successful storytelling, message delivery techniques and more. If done successfully the whole market can benefit from just one project!

Svava connects with senior marketing staff to host challenges, engage customers in the open innovation process and even to innovate their current marketing techniques, programs and initiatives.  So Brand Social is the perfect event for our team!

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