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7 Things To Do After Signing Up For Svava 

7 Things To Do After Signing Up For Svava 
Elia Mörling

Elia Mörling

So you’ve just signed up to be an Idea Hunter. This is a list of things to do that will ensure that you have a rich Svava experience.

1. Edit your profile

The first thing you should do after creating your account is edit your profile. Share a little background about yourself. Don’t forget to add an avatar, so that people can recognize you across the site.

There are always a list of featured Idea Hunts that are free and open to join. Find a product, challenge or reward that motivates you. Start by reading their briefs, and exploring ideas that already have been posted.

3. Engage with the Svava community

Now that you’ve found some interesting Idea Hunts, it’s time to engage with the community. You can post your own ideas, as well as give feedback to others. Keep in mind that you can refine your ideas, based on the feedback you receive. Whenever you feedback or comment someone’s idea, they receive an e-mail notification (unless they turned them off).

4. Follow us on social media

We are active on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. We regularly post new updates about new hunts, as we ll as ideas. Simply reach out to us in social media, and we will reply.

5. Subscribe to our blog

If you’re reading this, odds are likely that you are on the blog right now. There is an option to subscribe to new blog posts. This will ensure that you don’t miss out on any important news.

6. Consider becoming a founding member

If you want to get involved in Svava and represent it in your social networks, you can apply to become a founding member. All founding members get an invitation to join our Slack, where many of the members hang out on a daily basis.

7. Create an Svava of your own

At some point, you should start thinking about the possibilities of using Svava for your own projects. You can choose to create a Hunt that is public, or invitation only. Creating an Svava is free. There is a paid version if you want more robust features, support, custom URL and branding.

We hope you enjoy Svava and choose to stick with us! See you around.

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