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2018 Company Conference

2018 Company Conference
Maggie Franz

Maggie Franz

A Summit of Creative Minds Hungry for New Projects


Svava has multiple offices and a team that is spread out across three continents.  Our SaaS tools enable us to stay connected, share ideas and collaborate so that we can continue to make cutting edge tools that make open innovation easier.  But spending time together and continuing to grow in friendship and learn from each other is important too - so this year, we held our first annual company conference.  

As the team member for the US, I was excited to get to spend some time with all of my colleagues and experience more of Sweden.  At the tail end of January, I hopped on a plane and met my team in Linköping Sweden, where Svava is headquartered.  From there, the trip was a surprise!  We boarded a bus, which took us to a water taxi, which brought us to our destination, an archipelago off of Sweden called Hasselö.

Here, we unplugged, and spend four days getting to know each other, as we have hired new members since our meeting last year.  In fact, many of the members of the development team and the sales team are new.  It was great fun to learn more about them and their background, and how they came to join the Svava team.  After all, our team is our true key resource.  Svava has brought together people of different talents and backgrounds - to form a diverse and multi-passionate team.  

During this company conference, our first of many, we challenged our brains with creative exercises, worked on the planning and design for a new app, which we will be launching within the year, and spent a bit of time in the Swedish Seaside.  The conference was full of laughs and great food on top of all of the work we managed to bang out in just four short days together. 

As a team, we are eager to bring you yet another powerful tool that unites team members and helps to increase throughput for innovation projects.  Stick around for some more updates soon.

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